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My Story

Hi! I'm Morgan Palmer

I grew up in a religious household where sex was not discussed. I went through young adulthood clueless about what it meant to be physically and emotionally intimate with others inside and outside of the bedroom. After a series of awkward sexual experiences and failed relationships that left me feeling guilty and ashamed, I dove into discovering what pleasure and satisfaction meant. I spent years learning the art of intimacy, communication, seduction, and sexual gratification. I taught sensual movement classes and mentored couples and singles on developing deeper relationships through sex in Australia.

After years of battling drug addiction, I took a hiatus from coaching to get sober so that I could show up fully for my loved ones and clients. When my fiance died of a terrible accident, I returned to help others with their love lives to channel my grief into serving others.

Today, I travel the world teaching about sex and intimacy at events around the world and with my clients online.

My mission is to help you move sensually through your body through your past experiences and into your future that awakens the loving, sexual god/goddess within you.


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